Open 12-5 today! As we continue to navigate through this crazy time, store hours are variable and based on customer demand. Place an order online and we'll schedule time for you to pick up. We can often meet within 30 minutes. Keep an eye on social media for when we'll be present at the shop with the case in the window. *** We apologize that google has inaccurate hours listed. We can't seem to get them changed.

The Art of Chocolate with a Delicious Vision

Artisan chocolate truffles are hand-crafted daily in our Sebastopol kitchen.  We start with fine Belgian and French chocolate, and use all natural ingredients without preservatives.  

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Visit Us In Wine Country


Eye Candy Chocolatier

Located in Gravenstein Station

Directly Across from The Barlow & Community Market

Order online & schedule pick-up.  Same day service available.

We can easily arrange for pick up outside of the hours listed.  
Sunday & Monday, Closed

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Tremendous attention to detail goes into these beautiful chocolates. They are delicious as they are artful. The eye-surgeon-chocolatier-owner never misses a step, and the sales staff are helpful and lovely.

James R. - Yelp Review

Best chocolate in town, county, region! Consistently fresh, smooth melty-in-the mouth, chocolate.  Flavors subtle but strong without disguising the luscious chocolate flavor. Texture is pure perfection, from the hard (never brittle) shell to the light, creamy interior, never dense and sticky.

Gwen J. - Yelp Review

The chocolate that is prepared here is absolutely fantastic! Incredible flavored, great texture, unusually delicious combinations. Looking forward to more trips to Sebastopol!!

Judy F.